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The twisting operation is fundamental for the subsequent processing of continuous yarns, as it gives strength and cohesion to the yarn.
The twisting turns are studied by Lei Tsu to give to the yarn the look and feel that best suits the needs of the fabric manufacturer .
All Lei Tsu yarns are also produced on perforated yarn-dyed cones.

Air texturing

Air texturing allows Lei Tsu to create particularly tough yarns, suitable for technical items or those requiring particular abrasion resistance features.
The type of taslanization, from lighter to very evident, makes the range of products particularly wide.
It is also possible to create slub effects, adaptable to customer requests.
Lei Tsu can also air-texture very coarse counts, being able to manufacture together up to 12 plys.


Lei Tsu produces the dyecones for yarn-dyeing directly on the twisting machine, but it also has a re-winding department for special customer’s requests or for re-winding and measuring the yarn after dyeing.

Quality control

Each single cone produced by Lei Tsu, previously metered, is visually checked by an operator and weighed.
In the case of dyeing packages, the density of each package is also measured, to always dye packages as homogeneous as possible.


In the main raw articles and in the ones on dyecones, Lei Tsu has an adequate stock for a shipment within 24 hours.
In the case of dope-dyed yarns, Lei Tsu has a stock of unprocessed colors, which are put into production as soon as the customer’s order arrives.

Shipment and tracking

Lei Tsu makes uses trusted forwarders, both for express and regular shipments.
All shipping documents are sent electronically to the customer at the time of loading and Lei Tsu simultaneously informs the customer about the delivery date.

Tintoria ed Orditura

Lei Tsu is able to supply all of its articles also yarn dyed and on beams, thanks to the collaboration of Tintoria Filati Portichetto and Orditura Fisam.

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