Who we are


01Lei Tsu was born on February 25th, 1954, when Giuseppe Terragni, textile entepreneur and mayor of Como, separated his business from his brothers’ one and remained the sole owner of a small silk twisting mill in Bellusco, which he renamed Lei Tsu after the name of a Chinese empress, who is legendary told to be the first manufacturer of silk in the gardens of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

At the beginning of the Sixties, the sons of Giuseppe Terragni suddenly inherited the company and in 1967 they started the first production of polyester yarns: less than 5 years later, silk was abandoned.

In 1989, Lei Tsu and well known Tessitura Enrico Boselli SpA of Olgiate Comasco (CO) created in Tirano (SO) a new company called Si Lin Tsi, of which Lei Tsu owns 60% of the shares.

In 1997, Si Lin Tsi bought its biggest competitor, Torcitura di Rancio SpA of Rancio Valcuvia (VA).

leitsuoldIn 2003, the group bought the first air-texturing machine and the following year a second one.

In 2004, due to the rapidly changing textile industry scenario, Lei Tsu decided to stop the production of low added value articles, to close Torcitura di Rancio and to strengthen his position on the high end of the market, concentrating on flame retardant and dyed polyester.

In 2006 Lei Tsu bought new Ratti fancy double-covering machines and in 2008 a third SSM taslan machine (for the production of thick count taslan filament yarns) is installed.

In 2010 the company buys a KDK filament production plant from a supplier, which is installed in Tirano, whereas in 2013 the first twisting machines for corse counts up to 10,000 dtex are bought.

In 2014 there is a new generational shift: Pietro, Cecilia and Benedetto Terragni (sons of Marco), buy from the rest of the family all their shares of the company.

Today Lei Tsu, in its two plants, produces around 250,000 kg monthly, that are sold in the European Union, Turkey and North Arica.